The efficiency and convenience of Banana chips dryer are recognized by many customers

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Banana is one of the fruits that we often eat in our daily life. Because of its soft waxy and sweet taste, it is popular with people. With the continuous development of technology in recent years, bananas have also been made into a variety of snacks. Bananas Dryness is one of them. Compared with fresh bananas, it is easier to store and carry, and reduces the losses during transportation. Many manufacturers choose to use banana dryer to improve their work efficiency.
banana chips dryer
Our banana chips dryer is made of 304 steel plate, and there will be no deformation or rust in water. The sealed box design, compared with the traditional drying process, does not require you to pay attention to changes in a series of external factors such as the weather. Using an intelligent control system, you only need to put the bananas in the drying room after processing, set the required temperature and humidity on the PLC control screen outside the machine, the machine will dry itself, regardless of the dried banana chips Whether the color or taste is recognized by customers.
banana chips dryer

In addition to drying bananas and other fruits, our banana dryer can also dry vegetables, noodles and meat that we eat every day. The machine is also recognized by customers for its excellent characteristics. If you need a dryer, please leave a message to us, our staff will design a machine suitable for you according to your production, venue and scale, and professional staff will come to you for installation. 

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