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Our potato washing machine belongs to the roller cleaning machine

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Product introduction

Our potato washing machine belongs to the roller washing machine, put the material into the cleaning pool, inject clean water into the cleaning pool, along the water flow, potatoes are washed by brush under the action of high-pressure spraying, brush elasticity and pressure resistance, while cleaning potatoes will not scratch the material, cleaning effect is good, very popular
 Our potato washing machine belongs to the roller cleaning machine
Machines characteristics
1.The rack is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is in line with the national food industry standard.
2.Use bubble roll, brush and spray technology to clean the material to a large extent.
3.The cleaning speed can be adjusted, and users can set according to different cleaning materials.
Widely used
Our potato washing machine in Pakistan is very popular.The washing machine effectively separate the surface adhering substances of the object to be cleaned, effectively avoids the phenomenon of collision, rubbing and scratching in the manual cleaning, thereby improving the working efficiency. It’s suitable for washing rhizome and hardwood crops
 Widely used of our potto washing machine
Packaging and delivering
Our potato washing machine sold overseas and of reliable quality. In order to avoid damage to the machines during long-distance transportation, we will lay weather rust-proof film on the outer layer of the machines before packing them in wooden boxes, protect the mechanical and electrical equipment, and choose the appropriate mode of transportation to deliver the goods to ensure that the machines will arrive within the specified time.
Our washing machine is loved by customers all over the world.
 Our washing machine is loved by customers all over the world.
Our service
Our machine has excellent performance and reasonable price. It is designed and developed by our designer. Our washing machine has the appearance patent and a series of certification certificates. The quality is reliable. Welcome to purchase.
 Our honor of potato washing machine
Our customers of potato washing machine
Company profile
We are potato washing machine supplier. Our washing machine will clean the cleaning materials for peeling and drying. If you need potato potato washing machine, please contact our online customer service or send us an inquiry. We will give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible.
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