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Red chilli drying equipment enhances your productivity and brings you better quality drying products

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Peppers are widely cultivated in various parts of the world. After harvest, they are made into a variety of spices and sauces. Many of the pepper exporting countries choose to remove peppers in order to reduce the loss of pepper during operation. After drying. Compared with fresh peppers, dried peppers are easier to store and have a pleasant aroma. Nowadays, many catering industry developments are inseparable from peppers. Therefore, many manufacturers choose to use chilli dryer to process peppers in order to speed up their work efficiency.
red chilli drying equipment
red chilli drying equipment
Using red chilli drying equipment can help you finish the drying work more quickly and cleaner than the traditional drying process. The machine uses intelligent control system, you only need to put the pepper into the drying room, the PLC outside the machine. The desired temperature and humidity are set on the control panel and the machine will dry on its own. Sealed box design, you do not need to worry about changes in the weather and other external factors, do not need personnel to guard during the drying process, help you save a lot of energy, dried chilies bright color, rich flavor, by many customers Recognition.
red chilli drying equipment

We always put the quality and practicality of the machine at the forefront of development. The raw material used in the manufacture of the machine is 304 food grade steel plate, which will not be deformed and rusted by water. In addition to being able to dry agricultural and sideline products such as peppers, we can also dry our daily consumption of vegetables, fruits and meat products. The machines are also recognized by customers for their excellent characteristics. If you would like to give us a message from chilli dryer, our sales staff will reply you in the first time. 

red chilli drying equipment

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