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Red chilli drying machine india to facilitate the customer's production process

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India is a big country in the world for growing peppers. Many of the chili products we eat are imported from India. The most famous one is the Indian devil's pepper. Many of our seasonings are made with chili. The first step in the production is to dry the peppers. Many growers choose to use the chilli dryer to finish the drying of the peppers. This brings a lot of convenience to people's production, making the dryers very popular People's recognition.
red chilli drying machine india
Lantian's red chilli drying machine india is highly recognized by local customers. Our machine uses an intelligent control system. You only need to put the pepper into the drying room and set the temperature and humidity you need on the control panel outside the machine. The machine will dry on its own. The dried chilies are excellent in color and fragrance, and are highly recognized by our customers. Our staff can also design the machine that suits you according to your output, giving you a good buying experience. The customers came to visit our factory and were very satisfied with our machines and the results of the trial production.
red chilli drying machine india

Our machine is made of 304 food grade steel plate. It does not appear to be rusted by water and harmful substances generated by heat. The machine adopts sealed box design, and the internal hot air circulation system helps you to finish more quickly and quickly. Drying work on peppers. You don't need to worry about changes in the weather, such as the weather. Because the machine uses electricity during operation, you don't need to worry about the contact with outside bacteria during the drying process. In addition to drying the crops such as peppers, the machine can also dry vegetables, fruits, noodles and other kinds of materials. If you need chilli dryer welcome message, our sales staff will reply you in the first time. 

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